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Grace Brown

Junior Copywriter

A Bit About Grace

Grace has a knack for making things look and sound good with clever, captivating copy & her sharp eyes. After graduating from Lyon College, Grace started working as a photojournalist and magazine editor before crossing over to advertising. She takes a hands-on approach to the creative process when it comes to things like proofing advertisements and planning the next creative campaigns. Don’t be surprised if she’s somewhere in the office writing on a wall during a brainstorming session or spread out on the floor annotating transcripts. It’s all part of her process.

When Grace isn’t in-office, she’s pretty hard to pin down. With a million and one hobbies, we never really know what she is plotting next. From powerlifting in the gym on her lunch break with coworkers to skating with the local roller derby league, she stays on the go. Grace loves to relax at home watching “trash shows” with her partner and their pets, Annen and Hamlet, in whatever free time she has left.