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DOC - IAC Awards - JAN2020

Direct Orthopedic Care (DOC) is a walk-in, immediate access orthopedic clinic with locations in 10 different areas of Texas. Individuals with an orthopedic injury or chronic condition receive immediate care by orthopedic specialists without the time or expense of an ER visit. DOC offers treatments for orthopedic injuries, pain management, and physical therapy at a fraction of the cost of a visit to the emergency room. 

To meet the goal of new patient acquisition, we developed eye-catching creative videos for Facebook. We targeted active adults, adults with children and aging adults with chronic pain. When DOC approached GWL Advertising, the health care provider had no digital presence, relying solely on radio to gain awareness in the Texas market. As DOC’s first dip into digital, we set out to design a campaign that would not only meet the needs of a digitally savvy patient-consumer, but also make a disruptive splash online.

"Skip the ER. Go Direct to DOC."

"Name Your Pain"

"Meet the Docs at DOC"