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Who We Are

Using Insights to Design Your Audience’s Profile


To say we are pumped about this new client would be an understatement. We’re thrilled for this opportunity to work with such a fun brand with so much potential - we love to flex our creative muscles! (And, we love beer.)

New Kid On the Block

Meet the newest member of the G-Dub family! Olu Yerokun will be our Social Media Manager. He is originally from Georgia, but these days he can be found at the intersection of culture, fashion and social media. Check out our employee bio page to find out more about our talented team!

Smith Funeral
Middleton Heat & Air
Applied Technology Group
Pain Treatment Centers of America
Steve Landers Auto Group
Tomes Auto Group
Landers McLarty DCJR
Mtn View Auto Group

What the
Clients Say

I think the thing that makes GWL Advertising unique is the people that work there. After all, a company is an amalgamation of its people and there are some very talented people there--as they say in the sports world, they have a "deep bench."  Honestly, we contribute a lot of our growth to the work that has been done through GWL.

Mark Middleton
Middleton Heat and Air

As much as the business has changed, one thing that hasn't is good, quality, classy advertising. I think that's what you guys have been able to help our business with the most. I get a lot of compliments about our style of advertising...And I think GWL is a reflection of that. 

Bill Knight
Bill Knight Automotive

Some of the things that we’ve achieved couldn’t have been accomplished without having the right agency. It is important for businesses to find the right fit when it comes to an agency that is going to represent them. GWL has done a great job for us over the years...I’m excited to see what is next!

Steve Landers
Steve Landers Automotive